Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kassian & Gagner: Reply to @mc79Hockey

When I began this blog a few years ago, I planned on posting periodically to counter some ‘expert analysis’ that I saw out there in mainstream papers and the blogosphere. After Zack Kassian’s high-stick caught Sam Gagner in the face last Saturday night in Edmonton, some journalists and bloggers rushed to put their take online for others to read. Most were very level-headed, but one particular tweet caught my eye.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

PuckWatch Daily Picks Return

As the NHL regular season approaches, PuckWatch will be here with you.  After a summer without much hockey, it's time to ramp up our daily money line picks and fantasy draft tips to ensure you can win your pool and make some money.

Here's our history of picking winners over the past four (4) seasons

OVERALL RECORD: 2207-869-349 (69.5%)
2012-13 Record: 407-181-60 (67.4%)
2011-12 Record: 828-296-106 (71.6%)
2010-11 Record: 782-310-138 (69.2%)

2009-10 Record: 190-82-45 - (67%)

2013 Playoff Series Record:13-2
2012 Playoff Series Record: 8-7
2011 Playoff Record: 61-27 - Series 12-3
2010 Playoff Series Record: Series 11-4

Stay with PuckWatch every step of the way to get the edge!

Fantasy Hockey Tips

Fantasy Hockey Tips
Sitting atop the standings by season’s end usually takes a little bit of luck. Avoiding injuries, and predicting who will have a career year can literally make or break your chances. Stick to our plan, and you’ll guarantee yourself a finish at or near the top. By following some simple principles, you can ensure you’re in the money. Let’s start with 7 simple rules to beat your friends and show up your coworkers. These 7 tricks will mean the difference between being the laughing stock of your office and the subject of ridicule, or the person collecting some crisp bills and bragging rights.