Saturday, February 9, 2013

Roberto Luongo calls Scott Oake 'Milt'

Well, Saturday night was pretty eventful for Hockey Night in Canada.  The Canucks won 5-1 over the Calgary Flames, and Roberto Luongo was featured on CBC's After Hours.  Roberto came clean about digestive distress against Anaheim in the playoffs years ago, pretty much confirmed his Twitter activity as @Strombone1, and naturally, called Scott Oake fish sperm.


That's right... Luongo cited a couple of inside jokes, including the terms 'shap' and 'milt', and decided to call Scott Oake Milt.  Oake perhaps thought it's similar to Milf, but, guess again.  Here's a definition.  Taking things one step further (as if that were possible, all of British COlumbia must've googled what the term refers to, including Radio "personality" Dan Russell, as evidenced through his own twitter feed.

You gotta love the new and improved Roberto Luongo.  While it might be difficult to say he was all class on an evening where he called a sports broadcaster sperm, he handled every tough question with self-deprecating humour and class.

Luongo frequently joked about being a back-up goalie, not being included on 'experts' picks for the 2014 Olympic team, and on his past for being too brash and not politically correct with the media.

There will be no shortage of twitter buzz over his segments this evening on CBC.

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