Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Canucks' Hansen elbows Blackhawks' Hossa

Curious play on Tuesday night that resulted in Marian Hossa being on the receiving end of what appeared to be an accidental elbow to the back of the head.  Canucks' winger Jannik Hansen reached out to retrieve a puck that was fluttering in the air when his elbow struck Hossa.

Hossa lay on the ice for a few moments before being helped to the locker room - he did not return to the game.

There was no penalty on the play at the time, but as Hossa continued to lay on the ice, Hansen was whistled for a 2-minute minor penalty after the play had stopped.

Marian Hossa was having a terrific game, but it appears to be an accident.  Hossa's injury history (and Hansen's lack of supplemental discipline) suggest that Hansen may receive a call of inquiry from the league, but likely no supplemental discipline in the form of suspension.

Of course, the Hawks broadcasters are complete homers and felt that Hansen "made no intention for the puck"... which begs the question, why would he reach outwards with one hand in the first place.

Judge for yourself:

Of course, the Blackhawks local broadcasters probably saw nothing wrong with this from the first period of tonight's game.

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