Saturday, January 7, 2012

Marchand clips Salo with low hit

It was quite the game this morning / afternoon in Boston.  Filled with plenty of rough play, the Canucks and Bruins met for the first time since their Stanley Cup final six months ago.  Late in the second period, noted Bruins rat Brad Marchand chickened out on a routine play in the corner, sending Sami Salo up in the air and onto the ice with a low hit.

The play was deemed worthy of a 5-minute major penalty for clipping and a game misconduct, here's a look at it:
The NHL surely will review this hit and consider a suspension for Brad Marchand.  Sami Salo left the game and did not return with an apparent shoulder injury.  The league should definitely consider Marchand's history with these types of hits, like his turtle-job on Daniel Sedin in the Stanley Cup Finals last year:

For all those fans of other NHL who hate the Vancouver Canucks right now, perhaps they should consider players like Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand and re-evaluate their stance on leaving the bench to join altercations, or submarining players and chickening out of hits.  Haven't seen Max Lapierre or Alex Burrows do either of those.

For the Canucks, they'll gladly pick up the two points and move on to Florida, and they can also claim some bragging rights for the time being.  They answered the bell and reacted accordingly to the Bruins intimidation techniques, and they burned them on the scoreboard with four power play goals.

The shots were 7-1 Vancouver despite Boston having the only power play early on, and that's when the Bruins turned into the Goons in an effort to stem the tide.  Of course, Brad Marchand's history includes a slew-foot of the Penguins Matt Niskanen earlier this year that earned him a $2,500 fine.

Canucks' GM Mike Gillis was quote in the Province with the following: “You talk about unacceptable plays in hockey,” Gillis fumed. “That's clearly one. I'm not going to comment any further.”

“It's very, very cheap,” Canuck defenceman Kevin Bieksa said. “I can't think of a cheaper hit you can do on the ice. That and a slew-foot kind of go hand in hand. Twenty seconds before that, [Marchand] and Sami have a pretty good collision in the exact same spot. Sami probably gets the better of him. Then second time, Marchand comes back and loses his will and goes down low. A cheap shot from him, and I hope he gets a phone call from the league.”


  1. Marchand needs a good tune up. One day, someone will teach this little punk (and hopefully Seguin as well) a lesson. Mark my words. He has it coming.

  2. Shows misunderstanding of this rule. Player ducked a hit, did not target opponent low on body. Just google Tucker's original hit, 2002, that instituted the clip penalty. No comparison. Marchand's quick, with good peripheral vision, so he ducks. Totally different than targeting an opponent with a check below the knees. Salo's angry because he's embarrassed, not injured. His own momentum against a quicker player caused him to flip onto his head. Terrible call.

  3. terrible call? your a fucking clown that doesn't know a thing about hockey!

  4. He turtles and creates a dangerous situation, that's my big problem with it. A lot of hip checks you can see coming, and the player pinches the attacking player along the boards.

    Can't believe I'm going to agree with Ron MacLean, but the bad part about this one is he pretends to play the puck and then does it intentionally to avoid the hit, just like against Daniel Sedin in the finals as the other video clip shows. Clipping or not, it's a dangerous and intentional play IMO.

  5. Lucic did nothing wrong.. was already on the ice. Refs blew it.. Seems like you have something against the Bruins.

  6. Lucic, horton, marchand, mcquaid etc. all spot pikers. The canucks should of picked up colton orr off waivers the day prior to this game so that thornton, lucic, horton, marchand, mcquaid, and the rest of the tools employed by that fly infested arena (take note the center ice overhead cam)would not take shots the canucks roster. Hmm funny i can't remember the bruins ever running around like they do against the canucks and hurricanes (2012 and 2011) with a team like the rangers, penguins, senators... etc which has an equal amount of tough guys. Good job nhl, reward teams like the bruins by dwindling out on ice responsibility for off ice pocket change damage (fine), and much needed rests for some (suspensions 2-3-4-5 games who cares.)

  7. there's tough hockey plays and dirty plays, this is dirty,Marchand your time will come,just be happy that Bertuzzi no longer plays for the Canucks.

  8. So everyone knows, the rule is the act of hitting the knees and below the knees. Read a book if you think this was a good call, because Marchand clearly hit his thigh, but Salo couldn't handle a legal hit from a tiny guy, so Salo left the game...and rightfully so.

  9. Marchand turtled and created a dangerous play. If every player did that on every hit, you'd have a TON of injuries. It's a cowardly act, not a hip check.