Monday, December 19, 2011

Ron Maclean 'Apologizes' to Burrows

Ron MacLean went out of his way to issue an apology to Alex Burrows this past weekend after another debacle on Coaches' Corner on December 10th.  So what did MacLean say?  Well, he basically spent a few minutes discussing topics other than his comments towards Burrows, and made excuses.  Was there an 'I'm Sorry'?  No, not really, but the two minute segment is at the very least a partial admission of guilt on the part of CBC.

After all, admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery.

Opinions on the 'apology' vary.  I'm of the mindset that MacLean has had his wrist slapped for overstepping journalistic bounds, but not out of integrity.  I would assume that some people have advised him that it's not wise to alienate a province that tunes in weekly in droves to watch the best Canadian hockey team this year, that may very well be the only team to watch post-April 15th.

I'd rather MacLean be honest and stick to his guns rather than lie to viewers anyways, but you'd expect something better than him making excuses for airing what he aired.  The fact that the Ottawa Senators 'Winchester Gate' incident is still a topic a full week after the rematch between the two teams is beyond silly.  No one was injured, so it's a complete waste of air-time.

Part of me feels like all I learned from that clip is:
a) MacLean likes to brag about what a great referee he thinks he is,
b) CBC could benefit from a producer to 'reel' those guys in a bit.

If anything, MacLean is guilty of something as small as wasting national air-time, or as egregious as character assassination and perpetuating personal rivalries.  Where Burrows is concerned, other than be the victim of some horrible officiating against Nashville in January 2010, Burrows has done nothing to deserve that type of attention.

Why not focus on Milan Lucic?

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