Sunday, December 11, 2011

MacLean / Cherry discuss Burrows

During Vancouver's 4-1 win Saturday night over the Ottawa Senators, the CBC Hockey Night in Canada crew repeatedly brought up a play in Ottawa's previous encounter with Vancouver, where Senators forward Jesse Winchester was hit by Canucks' forward Max Lapierre into the boards near the Vancouver bench.  Alex Burrows was in the process of making a line change and had unlocked the latch in the door, prompting an awkward fall from Winchester.

Winchester was not hurt on the play, but it generated some media attention afterwards given the reputation of Alex Burrows and Max Lapierre.

The play generated a lot of attention from the HNIC crew during the rematch, prompting Ron MacLean and Don Cherry to discuss during Don's Coach's Corner segment. During the segment, Don accused Ron of disliking Burrows and forcing them to talk about him.  Does Ron MacLean still have a personal issue with Alex Burrows?

Have a read and decide for yourself! (Head to the 1:54 mark on the video)

Ron MacLean: so what had happened is Gary’s been talking about it a little bit, the theory is you don’t even think Burrows intentionally opened the gate?
Don Cherry  – No! No he didn’t open the gate
Ron MacLean – so let’s look at that, that’s what’s got everybody ticked off
Don Cherry – alright, run this
Ron MacLean - Neil in uniform tonight, Carkner’s dressed, you’ve got all this ‘potential’ for something to happen
Don Cherry – I know you don’t like Burrows and I know you have a history with him. 
Ron MacLean – I don’t even know about this
Don Cherry - You said he opened the gate on purpose
Ron MacLean – No no that’s what they say on the show
Don Cherry – ya ya they said, and I’m saying, I know you don’t –
Ron MacLean - But I don’t know if he did it, I haven’t seen it
Don Cherry – what do you mean you didn’t see it? You wanted me to show it
Ron MacLean-   I didn’t see it when it happened.  No no I’m just saying
Don Cherry – anyhow, yes you did, you have a history with Burrows
Ron MacLean – no that’s in the first period we showed it.  Yes I do have a history with Burrows, there’s no doubt about that.
Don Cherry – Yes you do! And I’m saying he didn’t open the door on purpose
Ron MacLean - I didn’t like the penalty the other night against Montreal if you wanna get into it.
Don Cherry - Why Oh, are you said he took a dive? This guy said that Burrows –
Ron MacLean - No I didn’t say he dove, I said he embellished, how’s that? On Lars Eller
Don Cherry - Yeah embellished that’s it. 
Ron MacLean - I don’t know if he opened the gate intentionally, so forget that, fact of the matter is Winchester thought that. Then let’s see the hit on Cody Hodgson….what do you think of Foligno’s hit on Hodgson. We’re flying off the seat of our pants here as we’re live
Don Cherry - Well it’s the name of the game, what is it a headshot again?
Ron MacLean - He ducks into it, so it’s not a bad hit
Don Cherry - Where is it?
Ron MacLean - It’s unfortunate cuz you love Hodgson
Don Cherry - Yeah I do love him
Ron MacLean - Watch he dekes to the middle and whack
Don Cherry - What he’s got his head down like that what’s the matter with that?
Ron MacLean - Nothing, except that there’s this subtext, that there’s a little bad blood going into the  game.
Don Cherry - SUBTEXT? What the hell’s a subtext???
Ron MacLean - So now you have this happen, so enough of that.
Don Cherry - He’s got his head down like that he deserves to get hit
Ron MacLean - So now we have this situation with Burrows
Don Cherry - Did he get a penalty?
Ron MacLean - Uhh no he got no penalty
Don Cherry - Good!
Ron MacLean - but Hodgson had to leave of course. Alright, Now let’s see the Burrows stuff from the first period, and again Don you haven’t seen this, but we’re just gonna catch up.
Don Cherry - I – so what?
Ron MacLean - That shot by Neil, what do you think of that?
Don Cherry - Well the headshot, probably get life for it.  Burrows has got a lot of yapping to do and he pushed him in and the whole deal. If you’re gonna do something you got a yap going on the guy you don’t like you’re right he’s gotta yap
Ron MacLean - Give it a rest, just cuz I’m forcing you to do this, don’t uhhh
Don Cherry - Yeah!

Looking for some background on the Burrows & MacLean feud?
Here's where it all began:

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