Monday, November 15, 2010

Colin Campbell - Stephen Walkom Emails Leaked

Many thanks to @JeffMarek for tweeting about a Tyler Dellow article, who runs Tyler has trolled CanLII for interesting cases involving the NHL. In his own words, "it’s generally lousy stuff - a lot of bad divorces - but every so often you find something awesome".

Reading over the emails made available through former NHL referee Dean Warren's labour relations case with the league, Dellow yields some incredible information shared via email between NHL's Colin Campbell, and the NHL's Director of Officiating at the time, Stephen Walkom.

Some highlights from the article include

  • Colin Campbell's attempts to get Warren fired, and criticisms of other officials
  • Campbell's disdain for "little fake artist" Marc Savard
  • Campbell's scrutiny over his son (Gregory Campbell)'s games
This could become a big story in the coming days.

Here again is the link to Dellow's article

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