Tuesday, July 6, 2010

GM Place now Rogers Arena

What has been known as General Motors Place in Vancouver since 1995 will now be known as Rogers Arena.  That's right, in TELUS' own backyard, Rogers snuck in and purchased the name of GM Place after the contract with General Motors expired.

The deal reportedly involves communications rights as well, while GM will continue to have contests and other tidbits within the arena itself.

As the Globe and Mail reports, Rogers becomes the first company in Canucks history to have partnered on arena naming rights, telecommunications sponsorship and broadcast rights, via Rogers Sportsnet, at one time. The Canucks said Rogers would work with them on “new and innovative” ways to connect with fans.

Rogers acknowledged that the company will have to do its part to promote the new name to a community where Rogers is not as established as such telecom competitors as Telus and where GM Place was so widely known. 

While such ventures are expensive, it should be noted that despite Telus' growth in Canada and strength in Western Canada, they have lost out first to Bell for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and now the name on the Vancouver Canucks arena, where thousands of concerts and events are also held.

For Canucks' fans however, it may present some more interesting giveaways at Canucks games, and perhaps some preferential broadcasting down the road.

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