Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blackhawks angry over Pronger's antics

No sympathy for the Devil.  While Canucks fans are all too familiar with Chris Pronger's antics, the Chicago Blackhawks are now experiencing them first hand.  Philadelphia Flyer Chris Pronger has been at his best - or worst - depending on how you look at it.  Pronger has been cross checking, slashing, interfering, you name it - all in an effort to get the Chicago Blackhawks off their game and turn the tide of the Stanley Cup Final series.

Mission accomplished.  The Blackhawks are as pre-occupied with Chris Pronger as the Vancouver Canucks were with Dustin Byfuglien.  CBC reported before Game Five that the Blackhawks have been complaining to the league about Pronger's style of play going undisciplined, and apparently after Game 4 especially.

Once this was reported however, few had little sympathy.  Nashville Predators' goaltender Dan Ellis offered the following via his twitter account: "what goes around comes back around. Hossas missed call on us cost GM 5. This costs them game 4. Karma all even now. Go hawks"

Both Nashville and Vancouver were on the receiving end of some horrible calls - and more specifically non-calls - in both their series against the Blackhawks, so perhaps it is about time Chicago experiences some adversity of their own.

Few would doubt that the Blackhawks are the better team than the Flyers.  The sum of their parts have more scorers, more depth on defense, and the goaltender they've intended on starting for most of the year.  The Flyers however are introducing some frustration into the Blackhawks that Chicago was so good at handing out in the first three rounds.

Dave Bolland's work on the Sedin twins, and Joe Thornton received high praise, and Dustin Byfuglien's coming out party has been in full swing for a month or two.  Ask anyone watching this series however, and the most watched man on the ice is Chris Pronger.  So long as you're a Flyers' fan - that's just the way you want it.

Game 5 goes Sunday afternoon and the Chicago Blackhawks will try to mix up their lines in an effort to get Toews OR Kane away from Chris Pronger.  It will be interesting to see how Chicago responds, as their only real adversity in these playoffs arrived early in the Vancouver series when they were embarassed at home in games one and five.  

In Games 1-2 Chris Pronger stole the game puck, in games 3-4 he stole the game.  Time will tell if he steals the Stanley Cup from the Chicago Blackhawks.

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