Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NBC falls for Canucks Pizza Crawl in Chicago

As if they hadn't learned enough from Ryan Miller prank calls during the Olympics, NBC in Chicago has fallen for a prank yet again.

As reported by, Canucks Shane O'Brien and Kyle Wellwood were implicated in a satirical article posted by Hockey Independent  where it is jokingly asserted that the two Canucks planned a Pizza crawl throughout Chicago and wound up punished as a result.

The website went as far as to display a fictitious facebook thread about the supposed event.

Anyone reading this with any common sense would obviously presume it is fictitious.  Ken Hitchcock spends his days on Facebook? really?  It's obviously a collection of the NHL's bad boys when it comes to coming to training camp overweight.

Regardless, MSNBC and NBC Chicago picked up the story and had it front and center.

Perhaps the most hilarious part about this obvious omission in fact checking is the observations and follow up appaerntly performed by NBC.  "The Canucks Press Office could not immediately confirm the report".  Probably because they were too busy laughing at the morons at NBC.

To view the report from NBC cached via google, here is the link.  

It might be a stretch to say that a report like this being posted as fact is outrageous, but as is the case with NBC, expect the unexpected!


  1. LOL priceless - stupid NBC/media

  2. Hilarious that it's everyone ever accused of being too fat in the NHL in recent years!

  3. So THAT is how the big American media outlets get their information eh? Amazing...