Thursday, May 20, 2010

Montreal Reporter's Car a Victim of Vandalism

Shortly after Game One of the Montreal - Philadelphia Conference Final serires, Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette returned to his car in the parking lot, only to find it had been seriously vandalized.
As reported by the Toronto Sun, Hickey's car had it's license plate and other objects torn from it after the Flyers' victory, only to have Hickey file a police report and be prompted to show it to authorities multiple times on his way back to Canada.

Ironically, Hickey is an American, but the Quebec license plate did him no favours.  The Montreal - Philadelphia series will be an interesting one in the stands, as both sets of fans are known for their - how shall we say it - passion?

Flyers fans are known as being some of the most volatile and boisterous when it comes to hockey, but let's not forget Montreal fans and their recent history.  Of course we're talking about a minority of fans here, not the overwhelming majority of peaceful ones, but the Canadiens have had their share of rioters this post-season when the victory parties breakout in the late evening, and a history in past years of booing the American anthem.  So while the Toronto Sun reports that Montreal fans in Philadelphia have been subject to some racial slurs, it's likely not as if the story is as one-sided as it appears.

Hopefully the blood and harsh words will remain on the ice, but until this series is over and one team advances safely, do not hold your breath.  Montreal's convincing victory in Game Three strongly suggests their is a formidable home ice advantage for each team and that the series is not likely to be over in 4-5 games.  The Canadiens will not go down without a fight and in fact, the Flyers may begin to show signs of fatigue.  Riding the high of their amazing comeback against the Boston Bruins may have won them a game or two, but you might see them fade a bit as this series wears on.

That being said, the same could be true for the Habs who have had to fight back twice in the first and second round, and they have yet to have made anything easy on themselves.

As for Hickey, well, he's still looking for the gaggle of Flyer fans that vandalized his car.  Police thought they found the culprit when photos surfaced on facebook, but that individual claims to only have found the pictures online and not to have taken them.

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