Monday, March 15, 2010

Ovechkin Suspended Two Games for Campbell Hit

The NHL has ruled - and Alexander Ovechkin will be suspended for two games for his hit on Chicago Blackhawks Defenseman Brian Campbell.

Maxime Lapierre from the Canadiens received a suspension for hitting San Jose's Scott Nichol in a similar play last week - so why not Ovechkin too?

Thankfully, the NHL got this one right. Ovechkin has gotten away with a few questionable hits this time in the league. The NHL has long been accused having a set of standards for the Rory Fitzpatrick's of the world, and a separate set of rules for the Alexander Ovechkins.

You might remember Ovechkin's unpenalized knee on knee hit against Sergei Gonchar...

In addition to his hit on Gonchar, Ovechkin previously was not disciplined for his hit on then-Sabres forward Daniel Briere.

This article is not intended as a character assassination of Alexander Ovechkin. He plays the game hard and gives 100% all over the ice. Perhaps he could or should be forgiven for occasionally stepping over the line that he rides so finely, but what is inexcusable is the NHL's inability to suspend players appropriately.

Their stance on repeat offenders is ridiculous. In last year's playoffs, Colin Campbell stated that he could not suspend Flames' Mike Cammalleri because he was not a repeat offender. How does one become an offender in the first place if they are not suspended?

How about last week when 'repeat offender' Matt Cooke was NOT suspended? Well then all of a sudden it's not the individual's record that matters, but the incident itself (being compared to the non-suspension on Mike Richards).

Well two wrongs don't make a right, and you do not confound one poor decision with a half dozen others. But this is not a recent development.

Go back to 2003 when Todd Bertuzzi punched Steve Moore. Bertuzzi had the book thrown at him, while Steve Moore's own teammate, Bob Boughner, sucker punched an opposing player weeks later and did not receive a game.

If Colin Campbell is seeking consistency, he's found it. Consistently bad.

Where Alexander Ovechkin is concerned, players like Alexandre Burrows and others have their play criticzed. Well, Burrows has never been suspended in the NHL, which puts him well behind Alexander Ovechkin.


  1. Colin Campbell's methodology to suspending players include using such equipment as:
    1) dart board
    2) blindfold

    Ovechkin needs a few more charging and boarding calls against him to keep him in line, otherwise he does this sort of thing. He's VERY lucky Scott Stevens isn't about 10 years younger.

  2. Well put... Campbell is about as consistent as Luongo's goaltending these days.

    Ovechkin vs. Stevens would be very interesting to see!