Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blackhawk's Brent Seabrook shaken by Wisniewski

Former Blackhawk and current Anaheim Ducks defenseman James Wisniewski took a run at former Chicago teammate Brent Seabrook Wednesday night in a game between the Blackhawks and Ducks.

Shortly after Seabrook hit Corey Perry, Wisniewski skated in from the blueline at full speed, charged a surprised Brent Seabrook - who did not have possession of the puck - and went for a high hit that slammed Seabrook into the boards, essentially knocking him out on his feet, before he fell to the ice and left the game.

Thankfully Seabrook left the ice under his own power, but he definitely did not appear to be all there after the hit.

James Wisniewski is definitely playing with fire and may be hearing from the league regarding supplemental discipline. The hit appeared to be predatory and vicious, and thankfully also beyond the NHL's rules which admittedly may not be sufficient in addressing headshots. This hit comes amidst a flurry of discussions amongst NHL Officials and steadfast criticism from players, media, and fans who feel the one ice product has become far too dangerous as players are not being held accountable for their opportunistic and predatory hits (of which there have been many this year).

While Wisniewski did not leave his feet, he was tagged with a 2 minute charging minor on the play. Call it interference, charging or roughing, Wisnieski's hit was beyond an average minor penalty and likely should have been a 5 minute major.

Wonders will never cease how some obvious penalty calls go uncalled and suspensions or fines result later, while others are dealt with appropriately during the game.

As always, PuckWatch will keep you posted.


  1. To top it off... refs blow call on game winner by DUcks when Perry shoves Sopel.

    What a pile of crap

  2. In my opinion this was far worse than Ovechkin on Campbell. Ovechkin was reckless but did not intend to hurt him. Wisniewski completely intended to injure Seabrook. Quite possibly the worst officiating in a game that I have ever seen.

    There is absolutely no accountability for the officials in the Nhl so these clowns will continue to ruin the game. Disgraceful.

  3. The NHL brass must be scrambling:
    For years the NHL has stated that hockey must have a good presence in Chicago for the health of the league. Their assessment is correct. So why is it that that the league has not cracked down on predatory hits that may cause a cup contender to fall short of their goal? Something is amiss. The league says that they want to take retaliation out of the game, yet the discipline of predators falls short in their punative assessments. Goonery has risen to new heights since the implentation of the instigator rule took effect years ago. Since the league, in my opinion cannot enforce civility, perhaps it's time to allow teams to police their own.
    Something has to change, and quickly before someone gets killed.
    For the patient Blackhawk fans, I feel sorry for you. Finally, a team that was striving for excellence, a team to cheer for, and all taken away within a week of violence. Do not blame Oveckin, do not blame Wizewski, but blame the NHL for their ineptness.