Sunday, February 28, 2010

Team USA / MSNBC Ryan Miller prank call

Before the Gold Medal game on Sunday afternoon, "Ryan Miller" had an interview on MSNBC, and as ESPN learned earlier this week, media outlets should probably do some background checking.

An imposter phoned MSNBC and managed to convince them he was USA Goaltender Ryan Miller before taking to the air. They interviewed him and the fake Ryan Miller called Canada and Russia overrated, felt that Canada would have an 'easy time' with Slovakia, and should Canada face USA in the finals, he almost guaranteed a victory.

As Yahoo reports, the caller had a rather think New York accent and any reasonable hockey fan would be able to recognize that the voice did not belong to Ryan Miller.

As the story goes, once the prank call / interview aired on MSNBC, Ryan Miller (the real one) began receiving calls asking if his success at these Olympics had led him to shed his modest and humble personality in exchange for a more arrogant side that brashly suggested USA would cruise to a gold medal.

Miller then contact NBC to rescue his reputation. MSNBC then interrupted their next show, Hardball, to air a phone interview with the real Ryan Miller, where they apologized to him and Ryan set the record straight on his expectations of Team USA.

It really is telling how America's media could confuse a random New Yorker for one of America's greatest Winter athletes. However, as ESPN experienced earlier this week, perhaps they should do more fact checking. A transcript and video of the interview can be found here.

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