Friday, February 26, 2010

"The Glove From Above"

Slovakia made it closer than many thought it would be, as Canada narrowly hung on to 3-2 lead thanks to perhaps the save of the tournament by Canadian goalkeeper Roberto Luongo.

CTV's post-game report has already dubbed Luongo's miracle save with 10 seconds left off of Vancouver Canuck teammate Pavol Demitra the 'Glove from Above'. Luongo appeared down and out having made a save with Demitra poised to tie the game in the dying seconds. Demitra, staring at an open net, fired the puck on goal only for Luongo to reach up and get just enough of it with the mesh of his glove to keep Canada ahead for good.

The Slovakians played a tremendous game, frustrating the Canadian attackers in the neutral zone. While Canada played well enough to deserve the win and demonstrated that they were the more deserving side, Slovakia executed their game plan very well and minimized Canadian opportunities, while capitalizing on their own.

Slovakia will play for the Bronze medal versus Finland, while Canada will play for gold against the USA who beat Finland 6-1 earlier today.

Canada has strong efforts from most members of the team. Crosby looked very strong, as did Brendan Morrow. On the other hand, Chris Pronger and the San Jose Shark line showed questionable decision making defensively in the third period. The Canadians will definitely have to shore up their defensive play and regain their form against Russia and Germany if they are to secure a victory against the USA on Sunday.

Nevertheless, Sunday will be an exciting day in Vancouver and across Canada as the 2010 Winter Olympics will culminate in an excellent gold medal Men's Hockey final pitting Canada against their arch-rival USA. The game will have great symbolism and should galvanize the country. Without a doubt Canadian television viewing records will be broken.


  1. Not much pressure on Team Canada there, only the most important hockey game in history...

  2. True! pretty confident they can pull it off though...