Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada dominates Russia

The most anticipated hockey game in years pitted Canada versus Russia Wednesday night in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Canada had the pressure of an entire nation on them as they played in front of the home crowd with golden expectations.

The Russians as well had tremendous pressure on them. Russia's medal haul this time around has been lackluster and the nation's hopes for redemption rest upon the shoulders of Alexander Ovechkin and the rest of the Russian Men's Hockey Team.

The game began with Canada taking it to the Russians with an unrelenting forecheck. Canadian forwards pounded Evgeni Nabokov with 21 shots in the opening frame and struck early and often. Ryan Getzlaf opened the scoring and seemingly before everyone had touched the ice once, it was 3-0 Canada.

The Russians clawed back into it with a seeing-eye puck from the blue line to make it 3-1, but Brendan Morrow walked out from the corner untouched to serve notice that Canada meant business, making it 4-1 after one period.

Corey Perry scored twice, and Shea Weber hammered home his second goal in two games to elevate the Canadians to a 7-3 lead after two periods, and the Canadians never looked back.

The Russians' lack of depth on defence showed, as the Canadian forecheck came wave after wave and never seemed to relent. Canada won the puck in the Russian zone with ease.

The Russian attack meanwhile was somewhat non-existent. Ovechkin was shut down and Semin, Malkin and Datsyuk never appeared to be all that dangerous all night.

Canadian Defenceman Dan Boyle credited Canada's forwards for making the defensemen's job relatively easy.

Canada's win signifies the end of the tournament for the Russians, who were arguably an equal gold medal favourite to Canada. Canada meanwhile will face the winner of the Sweden - Slovakia game Friday night at 6:30pm EST.


  1. Russia looked horrible!
    The best part of this Canada should whoop Slovakia and move on to get revenge against the USA, or beat the FInns..


  2. Russia has players not even in the NHL, and they were supposed to stand a chance against what is basically a team of NHL All-Stars? And with that defense?