Monday, January 18, 2010

More on Ron MacLean / Burrows Story

MacLean has spoken - sort of.

In a recent phone interview, Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada has defended his position regarding the Burrows / Auger saga, and the one-sided piece on Saturday night.

Read MacLean's thoughts here

I quite like Dan Murphy's blog

The instances MacLean showed from Burrows past were so minor. As Murphy points out:
"The diving call Auger made on Burrows in the Nashville game was the second diving penalty of his career. The first happened in 2006. So if Burrows has been on a watch-list for quite some time then he must be playing pretty cleanly.

Did anyone else think the transgressions that the CBC showed weren't all that disgusting? Burrows with a slight spear on Bouchard; Burrows leaves his feet for a hit; Burrows shoves a guy from the bench; Burrows trash-talks players prior to a game and during TV timeouts. Are you kidding me? What's the big deal? Not big enough for a suspension obviously."

Also, an interesting article from the Windsor Star suggesting that Burrows parents are quite upset at the article on CBC, and they've filed a formal complaint with the television station challenging the journalistic integrity of Ron MacLean.

Personally, I'd like to praise those journalists gutsy enough to challenge the NHL on the lack of a transparent investigation and a pretty obvious attempt at shoving this under the rug. Attempts of the CBC, the NHL and other media outlets are rather frustrating and resemble a cheap defense attorney who tries to dig up any irrelevant item in the past to discredit the victim.

Kudos to Alain Vigneault and the Canucks organization for backing their player, and defending him. And of course, kudos to Burrows for the courage, yes, the courage to speak up, knowing the onslaught that would follow.

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  1. Auger took matters in his own hands because he knew the NHL would do nothing. Burrows spoke out because if he complained internally the NHL would do nothing.
    The Game was fixed by the ref. end of story RON