Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Instant Replay Woes

The NHL recently released a story regarding a Flyers / Penguins game not too long ago where a producer on the local Pittsburgh broadcast intentionally withheld a certain angle of a replay from NHL officials that provided conclusive evidence of an opposition (Flyers) goal.

It was a 5-3 Flyer lead at the time, when Flyer's forward Simon Gagne scored a short-handed goal. When the play went to video review, the NHL was unable to obtain a view the indicated the puck actually crossed the line.

As the video below shows, the puck clearly entered the net, but was only aired after the decision to negate the goal was made.

My question is, why does the NHL not have all views available? Why do they rely on local broadcasters to provide video evidence for replays?

I understand the logistical benefits of relying upon other, more readily available sources of video, but is this any way to demonstrate the integrity of your product?

While the NHL is posting an article praising the disciplinary actions taken, and the warnings issued to broadcasters who withhold relevant video, shouldn't the NHL actually be investigating ways to access unbiased video sources?

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